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How to Streamline Construction Costs

Posted by Eamonn O'Rourke on Sep 4, 2019 7:59:00 AM

They say “time is money,” but nowhere is that truer than in the construction industry. Anyone who has worked in construction knows that every second, every minor delay, every tiny mistake can snowball into massive delays and cost overruns.RenoRun - Streamlining

But there are ways to get ahead and stay ahead of the curve. Finding efficiencies and streamlining your projects can smooth the entire process and minimize the potential for budget-busting delays.

Reach for Tech

The construction industry has been traditionally slow to adopt technology, even where tech solutions make sense. We can’t say we blame you. Training your entire staff to use a new tech solution takes more, you guessed it, time.

But after the initial onboarding process, technology has the potential to streamline your operations and make your workers more productive. Daily reporting, communication, timecards and even ordering materials can all be accomplished with smartphone apps today. Why rely on spreadsheets, phone calls and shipping delays when a faster solution is available?

Plan Ahead but Stay Flexible

Solid planning is key to any project. With a good, fact-based plan, you can work out a great budget and a reasonable schedule. But all of that will go out the door when the first problem arises.

Construction sites are chaotic no matter how good your plan is. And the construction process may uncover unknowns that need extra work to fix. It’s important to stay flexible but also to build contingency measures into any plan. For example, what should you do if you underestimated the amount of materials you need? Instead of sending your highest-paid employees on a supply run, consider partnering with a fast-track delivery service.

Solutions for Your Jobsite

Every contracting company, and every construction project, is unique. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions, so it’s up to construction leaders to look at available options and make informed choices to streamline operations. If materials ordering and delivery is a pain point for you, RenoRun lets you order anytime, anywhere, right from your smartphone and schedule delivery for as few as two hours. To find out more, contact RenoRun today!

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