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3 Jobsite Productivity Mistakes to Avoid

Posted by Eamonn O'Rourke on Sep 11, 2019 7:12:00 AM

Construction company owners are always looking for ways to boost efficiency. In this industry, you have to. With so many costs like labor and materials on the rise and beyond control, the best construction leaders are in search of productivity in every process.RenoRun - Productivity

But if you’ve already tackled the obvious productivity problems on your jobsite, it’s time to dig deeper. Have you overlooked something that could give even greater efficiency and productivity to your construction or renovation jobs? The answer is probably yes.

Here are three more productivity mistakes to consider on your quest for construction jobsite efficiency.

1) Ignoring Technology

The construction industry is one of the slowest industries to adopt new technology, even when it could benefit them in the long run. And we understand. The expense, onboarding time and training it takes to implement new technology can make it seem not worth it. But new developments in construction tech, including technology-enabled construction materials delivery, are turnkey and easy to learn, meaning you see the benefits faster.

2) A Disorganized Jobsite

For workers to operate efficiently, they need to have everything they need where they need it, when they need it. Finding ways to keep the jobsite organized can greatly boost your productivity. In fact, one study estimates that workers spend 90 minutes each day looking for the things they need to do their jobs. Instead of letting the tools fall where they may, implement a strategy for keeping things organized. Your bottom line will thank you.

3) Interrupting the Supply Chain

Speaking of looking for stuff, what does your team do if they run out of materials, or if the materials that arrive are wrong? Work grinds to a screeching halt while you send someone to a building supply store to buy more — and if you’re a small operation, you might end up sending the highest-paid person on site. But leveraging technology to help you order materials instantly from your smartphone can help you avoid this mistake altogether.

RenoRun offers a great solution for worksite productivity, one that you can add to the rest of your productivity toolbox. With our mobile ordering platform, you can order materials in advance or in an instant, anywhere, anytime, and we’ll deliver in two hours.

If you would like to learn more about how RenoRun can benefit your construction company, contact us online today!


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